Entrevista: Dolly Treasures

I am Eileen from England, the photographer of Dolly Treasures.

¿Cómo te iniciaste en la comunidad Blythe?
I started collecting custom Blythes two years ago and began to post pictures of them on Instagram. From there i made many wonderful friends who introduced me into the Blythe Community.

Cuéntanos un poco sobre tu trabajo
I like to photograph my girls as if they are real little people. I do this by creating sets for them in the world that I live in and capture them getting up to all sorts of adventures and mischief such as scribbling on the walls, swinging from chandeliers gobbling sweets.

¿Qué podremos encontrar en tu stand?
I recently published my book ‘The Little Mischiefs’ which I will be selling and signing at my stall. I will also have a limited number of Dolly Treasure bags and of course I will bring my girls for every one to meet!

Webs donde podamos ver tu trabajo y saber más de tí. ¿Podemos seguirte en alguna red social?
Official Website - www.dollytreasures.com
Instagram @dollytreasures
Facebook - Dolly Treasures
Twitter - @DollyTreasures
Flickr - Dolly Treasures