Stand: Custom dolls by Lego

- Who are you? Introduce yourself.

I'm Ilaria. I was born and I live in the beautiful countryside in Umbria, a region in the center of Italy.

- How did you get started in Blythe world?

I started to collect and customize Blythe in 2010, when I bought my first Blythe doll, a Simply Mango that I called Momo.

- Tell us a bit more about your work.

I was grow up in my mother's haberdashery and, since I was child, I always loved sewing, knitting... I love to experimenting with many different techniques and I love Blythe dolls because they let me do it! I like to customize dolls, create outfits and accessories for them... In the last two years I also started to sew artist teddies,  and I love to create special friends for my dolls...

-What will we find at your stand?

Custom dolls, teddy friends for Blythe dolls, outfits and helmets.

- Give us some social media links where to find you: